Call Report

This editable document is to be used when a board or staff member takes a meeting with a potential stakeholder in order to collect pertinent information about the entity and the details of the meeting. The information can then be entered into your CRM and moves management system.

Editable Call Report


Simply use “find and replace” to change {Organization Name} to your organization for a turnkey gift acceptance policy draft. EDEN+ recommends your general counsel review the document prior to board approval.

Editable Gift Acceptance Policy

COnflict of Interest Policy

Board members and staff should complete a conflict of interest statement annually or at any changes in situation. This editable document serves as a basic policy and signature form.

Editable Conflict of Interest Policy

This plan is a very basic moves management plan to create and assign actions for a 30 day period.

Editable 30 Day Action Plan

30 Day Action Plan

Donor Prospect Exercise

Using a pull system of donor identification this worksheet helps individuals brainstorm their connections and identifies them for the organization ahead of a research and evaluation.

Editable Donor Prospect Exercise Worksheet

The balance between board, executive, and staff responsibilities varies from organization to organization but should be clearly defined at each one.

Editable Structural Assessment

Development Structural Assessment