EDEN+ works hand in hand with our partners to address unique opportunities and challenges. 



A capital campaign unquestionably requires additional resources and commitment by an organization. EDEN+ is able to conduct feasibility studies ahead of capital campaigns to address the readiness of an organization to move forward. A feasibility study will give boards and executive leadership a clear path forward with regard to a campaign goal & timeline, top prospective gifts, and recommendations for case elements. 


Campaign Management

When our partners are ready to embark on the momentous effort of conducting a capital campaign to address their needs, we are there to help. We offer bespoke on-site guidance and implementation for your campaign. EDEN+ will do the heavy lifting to create a plan, identify and evaluate potential donors, develop a case for support and manage volunteers. We will help you from the initial stages to redemption and beyond. 




Effective fundraising starts with an organization’s leadership, but far too many boards don’t understand the role they play in philanthropic efforts. EDEN+ provides tailored training sessions that help board members build their confidence and understand the important role they play in identifying, cultivating, and thanking donors.


Data analytics & Prospect Research

Through our partnership with Wealth Engine™, EDEN+ provides comprehensive data analytics and prospect management services. EDEN+ works with you to sort though wealth and giving data to surface the information most important to your organization, identifying areas for growth and prioritization.


development plans and ASSESSMENTS

Whether you’re a new nonprofit just getting started, or an established organization looking for a fresh perspective, EDEN+ will work to build a plan that fits your needs. We have experience developing comprehensive multi-channel development plans, as well as plans focused on major, planned, and annual gifts.