EDEN+ works hand in hand with our partners to address unique opportunities and challenges. 


Campaign Management

When our partners are ready to embark on a momentous effort to conduct a capital campaign to address their needs we are right there to help. We offer bespoke on-site guidance and implementation for your campaign. EDEN+ will do the heavy lifting to create a plan, identify and evaluate potential donors, develop a case for support and manage volunteers. We will help you from the initial stages to redemption and beyond. 



Feasibility Studies

A capital campaign unquestionably requires additional resources and commitment by an organization. EDEN+ is able to conduct feasibility studies ahead of capital campaigns to address the readiness of an organization to move forward. A feasibility study will give boards and executive leadership a clear path forward with regard to a campaign goal & timeline, top prospective gifts, and recommendations for case elements. 



Grant Writing

EDEN+ guides partners in identifying and applying for grant opportunities to support their cause. We can provide support to systematically develop compelling grant applications and analyze data to compile supplemental material requirements based on the funder. 

LEgacy Giving Programs

Organizations often feel like a legacy or planned gift from a donors estate is the ultimate gift but in fact a planned gift can be a strong step toward greater annual giving. EDEN+ helps partners identify families and individuals capable of considering a planned gift to the organization and developing the framework for a Legacy Giving Society. EDEN+ uses key indicators and giving trends to guide partners in targeting key stakeholders. Providing supporters with the opportunity to help well into the future is valuable to all involved.