Private Philanthropy Services


Your Personal Goals

You and your family worked hard and have been incredibly fortunate. You have always been devoted to your community and that will never change. 

But lately you have received so many letters, phone calls, and requests for philanthropic support that it almost feels overwhelming... 

How to prioritize? How to say no? How to make sure you are making an impact? How to inspire others and your future generations? How to spot redflags? How to leverage your gift to reach your personal goals?

Creating Change Together

EDEN+ Private Philanthropy works in partnership with you and your family to help drive your philanthropic intentions while protecting your time and budget. Our experience in the philanthropic sector helps alleviate these questions and gives you more time to spend with your family and to continue building your personal wealth. 

You can guide solicitors to contact your personal Philanthropic Advisor directly and have your Advisor organize mailed requests into a single portfolio for your review on a regular basis. You can then choose to:

  • Grant funds

  • Coordinate recognition opportunities

  • Schedule an initial vetting meeting with the organization

  • Request more information about a particular project

  • Investigate redflags or conflicts

  • Table for next portfolio review

  • Decline

Give Wisely

What was once a massive pile in your inbox and an endless string of messages collected by your assistant is now an organized, vetted, and impactful strategy that puts YOU in charge and makes you an effective philanthropist.