Eden+ uses test-techniques and efficient tools to produce the greatest results.. Traditional methods of fundraising such as personal visits and direct mail should not be overlooked but these methods can be enhanced by leveraging big data, automation software, new marketing platforms, and compelling images and video.

Eden+ has a vision for the future of philanthropy and has invested itself so that partners can be at the forefront as they accelerate their mission. Our partners have access to the most powerful tools allowing any size organization access to the best expertise and resources available.


Wealth Engine

You know your closest donors better than anyone but you might not know everything about them. Eden+ uses  Wealth Engine™ to help you better understand your stakeholders. Wealth Engine compiles publicly available data such as real estate, business revenue, additional giving, and other factors to create a comprehensive profile and analyze potential giving capacity. Eden+ uses this data to inform strategies to approach donors for a major gift, campaign, or annual giving. 

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Telephone Optimization

We all use the telephone differently than we did ten or twenty years ago. Eden+ captured those trends to address the needs of our partners. Partners need to efficiently contact their stakeholders and donors and Eden+ helps to streamline that process. Partners have the ability to conduct massive pre-recorded phone messages with full analytics or use text messaging to reach donors where they feel most comfortable.

Eden+ also offers access to telephone optimization software to make sure that a live person is ready to speak with a donor and that each caller is maximizing their valuable time. 


Professional Design

Eden+ collaborates with on-demand professional designers who understand the needs of our partners and the non-profit industry. Every partner deserves to look their best at all times. The print and electronic media of our partner's reflect the detail and outstanding work they do every day.